Hot 'Lanta

I know I usually post when I get to Ryan's just so people know I made it. Im sorry I didn't this time but the second I got there he grabbed me and honestly I never had time. Im back home now safe and sound but sad cause Im missing him so much. I did have the best time Ive had with him so far. We didn't get to go to any of the gay clubs or do any shopping. Just like I thought we spent most of the time at his house. His parents and little brother and sister had went to the beach house for the weekend. Which meant he could run around naked all weekend so he was in heaven. Im really shy but after a while he talked me into doing it too. It was awkward at first but I got used to it. Its hard seeing him running around naked cause all I want to do is jump on top of him.

Of course the sex was great and I know Ill probably get the thats all you talk about comments but oh well. First nite we did it in the shower once and a couple more times on the bed. Ryan woke me up about 7 the next morning giving me a blowjob. I told him I'd pay anything for an alarm cock like that. That afternoon he wanted to lay out by the pool. Naked of course. Seeing him laying there all sweaty and his tan skin glistening in the sun I couldn't help myself. So we made love there by the pool in one of the lounge chairs.

Later on that day we went out riding dirtbikes in the woods around his house. Maybe later this week Ill post about what else we did while we we out in the woods alone. It gets harder and harder each time I have to say goodbye to him. I know things have to change real soon as far as me moving down there. I am looking real hard for a job but I just need to make sure that it's the right one. Ryan's been so patient with me but what else could I expect from an angel. That's it for now,I need to go catch up on some sleep.
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