Thank You Chad Noel / Donny Price

Ok it's no secret I love porn most people look at it and think eww that's there choice but for me I like it. This post is about a porn star and why he didn't have to die. Don't know if you know Chad Noel (aka Donny Price) or his work but he died on March 17, 2010. He was 25 years old he died following a brief illness associated with complications of HIV. Chad worked for a few different companies in his short life I think the most popular was working with the late Bryan Kocis from Cobra on Every Poolboy's Dream with Brent Corrigan. Remember that video was recalled cause Brent was underage at that time. Brent (Sean) that's another story I met him in Vegas once he is so damn cute. Anyway Chad went on to work for Helix Studios and gay porn gossip has it that is where he became HIV positive this info is un confirm of course. But Helix Studios is a producer of hardcore condom-less twinks.

Now this is what I want to say this didn't need to happen. Yes I love porn and Chad was awesome in his videos. But Chad took a chance and he lost and he didn't have to. This should be a lesson to all young gay guys out there that read my blog. No matter what use a condom don't ever let anyone in you unless he is wrapped up. If you cherish your life then please learn from Chad use condoms. Life is short as it is don't put a loaded gun to your head man wrap it up. I know sometimes your so into the guy you want more and I was the same way with my boyfriend Kadin but it was over a year before we did anything without condoms. We both had many test that year and then decided. I know I flirt a lot and like I said I love watching porn and whacking but that's all you will get out of me. I don't cheat on Kadin and he don't cheat on me. If something happen and we broke up and I did play around you can be damn sure I would wrap my cock up or if I was gonna take a ride that cock would be wrapped up. Please people be smart and think about your life have fun but be safe! I want to say to Chad's friends in family I'm sorry for your lost wish I could do more to show you that we loved him too!

RIP Chad!
Chad Eli Noel Obituary
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  1. ryan field Says:

    Good post, Ryan.

    I also want to add that if someone suspects they may have been exposed to HIV, get tested and don't put your head in the sand. This isn't 1985. There are new HRV's (HIV drugs) keeping people alive and living normal lives, and HIV/AIDS isn't considered a death sentence anymore it's a chronic illness.

    And, practicing safe sex, as Ryan said, is still the best bet.

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    The loss must be very difficult to bear for Donny/Chad's family.

    Among ourselves as we reflect on how unnecessary it was, we must admit in the first place that he was responsible for his own actions, including unwise decisions to engage in unsafe behavior. Beyond that, if it is true that he contracted the virus making videos for Helix, then the producers bear some responsibility since they chose to video barebacking. Beyond that, of course, the consumers also have some responsibility, since Helix would not produce videos that people don't buy. So every buyer of a bareback video has to realize that he is encouraging people to produce them, which means he is encouraging people to perform in them.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Gay or straight! WRAP BEFORE YOU

    AIDS/HIV can be spread through
    unprotected straight sex just as



  4. Dr. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Nice post, Ryan.

    But here is the crux of the matter. You say: "If you cherish your life then please..."

    I believe that many people simply do not cherish or value their lives as deeply as they should. It's sad, but what can you do? You cannot force someone to *not* be self-destructive. The obituary said that Chad's mother died at an early age, and his brother died too! That's a lot of heartache on anyone's plate.

    Chad seems to have been bent on self-destruction. I mean, let's face it - porn star? Gay porn star? It's not like he was in that line of work because he enjoyed working with his hands and the union retirement benefits were so good. I doubt he felt like much of an artiste.

    It is sad, yes. We wish people didn't have such poor self-images.

  5. Randall Stevens Says:

    I knew Chad personally and loved him deeply; we were involved but had parted ways in 2008, but I never took him out of my phone and could never forget about him....I just wanted to clear a few things up that the press has WRONG:

    1) He did NOT dies from HIV. YEs he was positive but his untimely death had NOTHING to do with his status.

    2) Chad did NOT get HIV from BB porn; he has not done porn in forever and personally did not enjoy it.

    3) He was a beautiful boy who lived life to the extreme; he was afraid to grow old so I know he is smiling knowing that the boy we see in all these beautiful pictures will be the way he will be remembered

    Thank you though for being sensitive in your blog. He was an amazing young man who touched a lot of people's hearts...God Speed Chad

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, Ryan. How naive can you be? Do you really believe that your BF is incapable of cheating on you? If you *really* care about your life, then you would use a condom EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And that's regardless of whether you've known someone for 1 minute or 100 years!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The fact that someone in today's time can die of HIV/Aids related causes speak volumes about them as a person.

    Many guys use HIV as a get out of jail card. That they are free to bareback whom and whatever they want. They dont get tested for anything other than a simple STD and live a very careless life ( drugs bareback sex, lack of sleep etc))

    One's body can only take so much! I was speaking with my doctor the other day and he told me that their was a huge rise in Hep C and that is becoming more transmitted through sex than the normal traditional ways. Yet I have fucked and spoke with several guys over the years and 80% are not on meds and are taking care of their body

    The day I became POZ was the day I put my health first. I love taking loads as much as the next guy but my heath is the most important thing to me. I stopped using drugs, starting going to the gym and started taking care of myself. I ask information about the guys who fuck me and I also go to the Dr every 3 months and get my blood work done.

    So I have no pity for their deaths because they could have been avoided and I hope others use their death as a lesson.

  8. noekelsey26 Says:

    Ryan-I want to start off by saying I miss my little brother dearly and I know he is missed from people around the world. Chad had a very complex life,looking back I wish I would of tried to educate him on safe sex. My education was buying him condoms in all different colors and flavors. But never once did I stop and think to myself does he know how to use them? Does he know what I am trying to protect him from? My first child I had at 16, tells you how much our parents or schools talked to us about safe sex. Not making an excuse for Chad, but he had no one to teach him to be safe about anything, he was left in the cold to fin for himself. I wish people could live 1 day in Chad Eli's shoes, maybe they would understand.

  9. boyboy400 Says:

    When I watched two of his movies especially that Initiation, I really felt sad through his smiles...
    Believe it or not, I even tried to find some information about him one month before he passed away just with this hope to send him a message or an email but I was unsuccessful...I guess his sister has posted a comment here so just wanna say Kelsey I'm deeply sorry for every miserable moment that Chad experienced and led him to the way he shouldn't have gone...He reminded me of Hunter in QAF...I don't know but I doubt if all the porn stars who pass away leave such a sorrow and sad after them and make so many people post such loving comments in different sites for them (maybe but I doubt) so to me he deserved a much say loveful life...
    Thanks Ryan for the post and rest in peace and omnipresent love dear's a wish from someone who never saw you in person like many others....

  10. Anonymous Says:

    ya i recently read he died,,, very cute guy and i do agree with you wrap before you tap.... even in everypoolboys dream the poor lad does go bareback and is involved with bareback, i have not seen him in any other movie but to be honest every poolboy i think was made by the 4way at the start starring the the fine lad, such sad news, i even googled him and it shows only one movie to hes credit, none by helix,, gues they dont wanna take the blame for hes demise,