Guess Who

I see everybody wanting to know what Ryan looks like. He gave me permission to put a couple of his pics up. You've seen pics of his body so I thought I would just post a couple of his cute face. I had a hard time choosing ones just as cute as the next. Ain't he just the cutest boy you ever seen. Not only is he cute but he's the sweetest boy you could ever hope to meet. He gets hateful email and comments sometimes. How anyone could say anything mean about him is beyond me. You don't know him. If you would just take the time to talk to him and get to know him you would see what I see. If you got anything mean or hateful to say about him please send it to me. I would love to talk to you. Here's my email address The hateful email is bullshit and needs to stop now. The luckiest day of my life is when I met him. Second luckiest day is when he asked me to be his boy friend. I love him with all my heart but still can't tell him how much he means to me. I just can't find the words.
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