Queer as Folk Now and Then

I think I might have did a post before about queer as folk but after blogging all theses years I don't remember every post I've done so cause it's something going on in my life right now I'm going to do a post about it. I remember back in 2002 when queer as folk came out I was a young teen and I was so excited about this new show. My mom was never the kind to hide or ban me from watching something she would teach us have an open mind and just remember it's tv so what you see may not be how people really are.

So I remember Sunday nights in America was queer as folk night and I was there every Sunday waiting I was hooked and a big fan of the show. I also remember all the heat the show took and all the hate that came out over the show. I remember even some groups saying it was child porn cause the age of Justin and Brian being a child molester. I like many of you remember all the hate to the show and the gay community seems like the haters will grab a hold of whatever they can to make there hate okay.

Well I don't really want to talk about the haters I want to talk about the show. Was the show good for the gay community or did it hurt it? I don't know the answer really I can only speak for myself it open me up to things I didn't know about the gay community. It also showed me the bad that was out there I felt myself waiting to be like the players on the show also show me a lot about sex and how some people can just have sex for no reason at all. I found I could but I didn't like that part of me and felt bad when I did it.

But more than anything it showed me that gays could be like everyone else and be in a long term even marriage. It showed me that your circle of friends will always have your back and that you will have there's. Showed me as a single person I may not get my voice heard but stand as a community people will hear you. So I think the show did more good than bad and I was sad when it went off.

Another reason I'm doing a post about it my boyfriend Riley never knew or even heard of queer as folk until the last few months. Being tight with money in our household we had the cable shut off to save money so we gad free tv whatever our had tv picks up for free is what we get. I have over the years have pick up a ton of DVDs so we been going through the boxes and finding movies to watch when we have free time.

We open a box and there was my queer as folk DVDs and Riley ask what was this. So I explained it to him and said we should watch them since he's never seen the show and he was like hell yeah. So we started watching and were into the third season and let's say he is totally hook on it and we have talked about a lot of things that we've watched so far. Us being in a couple and being together for almost two years it's showing him things about life and has open us both up to talking to each other.

I can't speak for everyone else just for myself I think queer as folk was ground breaking for its time I think it was needed to open people up to the gay community. I don't believe everyone in the gay community acts like people on the show but maybe a part of us wish we could. So when we get done for me rewatching the show and Riley watching it all for the first time I'll do another post on it. But for now tell me how did you feel about the show? Do you wish they would do a reunion show? Or make a new queer as folk?

Is this stupid or what?

Trying to understand people I know I will never understand people. But really I have this friend who has to be one of the stupidest people I know. Okay let me break this down for you maybe you can get me to understand or agree with me. My friend has been saying he's been dating this guy for over 6 months now the thing is they live in different states and have never met in person.

This isn't the first time he's done this he dated another guy online for months and never met. Now this guy he's dating now they talk online they text and even talk on the phone hell they even fight. My problem is this they have never met so I say that they are really not dating how can you date someone you have never met in person. Well of course this pisses him off and he said I don't understand.

My question is this am I wrong? I know all the bullshit online and I know the games people play online. But how can you say you love someone call them a boyfriend when you have never really met them before. I don't know this just seems so damn stupid to me. Am I the only one who feels this way or is there's others out there who have done this?


Sex we love it can't get enough of it well least I can't. I've done posts before about sex and about my sex life but it always seems something happens that I feel I have to write another post about sex. Last night I was at a pool party and had a good time and yes there was sex going on but there was one guy there maybe 20 years old and was letting guys fuck him without protection.

This bothers me so much no I'm not an angel there was a time in my life I was stupid mainly cause I had a drinking issue and I made a few bad calls and wasn't safe but thank god it didn't come back to bite me in the ass. Now I am always safe don't matter if I'm catching or receiving it's wrapped up or there won't be any sex going on.

Now with Riley cause we been together for well over a year we don't but that's only cause we both been tested many times. But when we first got together we used condoms. Last night I tried to talk to this kid but he dint want to hear it said he likes being fucked and likes it raw. I told him all it takes is one guy and it could cost you your life he said we all have to die sometimes.

I know he had at least 5 different guys on the pool deck last night and none of them wore protection I'm thinking what the hell is wrong with theses people. I know they were thinking a hot young piece of ass but what if that hot ass gave them something? Listen guys it's not worth it if you let a guy in there make sure he wraps it up.

I love sex and I do it almost everyday but it don't mean that you can't be safe. So wrap it up or have the guy doing you wrap it up stick around and have all the sex you want just be smart. Make sex fun and enjoy it!


Friends we all have them some we have online some we've known since we were little. Then there are friends we make along the way but really how many good friends do we have? I mean the kind of friends who would drop whatever they were doing cause you called and needed them? Well not many right?

I have to say I'm lucky cause I have a lot of friends but only a few I would say are really good friends. And really that's all I need don't get me wrong I like knowing a lot of people and I like calling them friends but only a chosen few know everything about me and that's cause I trust them totally.

With me my friends range from 17 to 74 I don't get why people make such a big deal about a person age the chosen few friends in my life are older and I respect them for all there knowledge and for all the times they were there for me. I like to think I've learned something from all of them.

So I would say don't be closed minded and open up your friendship age there is a lot to learn from everyone so why limited yourself to a certain range of age. That's one thing that always pissed me off about the gay community they have an age click and I feel there missing out. Just cause an old dude talks to you don't mean he wants to sleep with you.

But maybe you should try an older dude sometime cause he could teach you a thing or two trust me some guys I've slept with could have used a lesson on how to have great sex!