My Angel

Ill use any excuse to put a pic of Ryan up but I need to make something clear. I got a comment on my post yesterday asking what angel that I am talking about. Well this pic should clear it up quite nicely. angel aka Dave from Jacksonville you don't want me pissed at you boy. I didn't like the comment you made about me maybe sleeping around on Ryan and I sure as hell don't like you thinking your the angel I am talking about. Your trying to be a smartass and your doing a good job at it,you know who I meant. Another thing you trying to pass your comment off about Ryan having cellulite on his ass as a compliment is bullshit. You know what your saying with your little snide remarks. Just because you see a lot of it on your fatass don't mean he's got any. Here's another pic of Ryan's ass if anybody see's cellulite on it Ill apoligize but I ain't worried about that.
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