Waiting For The Weekend

Ok Im gonna just tell you right from the start Im in love with Ryan and Im going to talk about him a lot. I am glad he don't get embarrassed easy cause all I talk about is how cute and what a hot body he has. I call him almost everyday I have to hear his sweet sexy voice or my day just ain't complete. I talked to him yesterday and we made plans to meet this weekend. It's gonna be a long weekend so were meeting Friday at our usual place in Charlotte we spilt the distance its easier for the both of us. It's gonna be nothing but 3 days of sex and more sex. If you want to know about some of the details may I suggest this previous post July 28 from our first little sexcapade.Tried to link it but something is screwed up about linking previous posts on my blog. Of course Im going to post all the juicy details come Monday when I get back. OMG that first meeting I still walk around hard just thinking about it. Ryan's perfect body his tight little ass which I could spend all night on licking and eating he tastes so fucking good. I can't forget his balls OMG they hang nice and low just right for sucking. Oh and his cock only nine inches and thick real thick. Like I said boys Im in love and Im gonna do a lot of talking about my man Ryan so hope you don't mind. Im posting another pic of him well because I love looking at him. Sorry about the watermarks but their necessary he's had people use his pics as their own before. I used up all my luck for the rest of my life when I found him but believe me it's worth it. Im going go for now. I just got off work and Im sleepy. Im gonna go dream about a nine inch cock up my ass:)
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