Shopping and Trees

I had to make a trip to the big city today. My mom had some shopping she needed to do. I am definitely not a shopper never have been. Never really got into when I was younger cause we didnt have a car or if we had one we never had a responsible driver. I always just looked at it as you don't miss what you never had. So it's only been within the last couple years since Ive been driving that I have really been able to get to any stores. There's none in my little town other than a Dollar General Store. The closest mall is in Charleston which is about 30 miles away. 30 miles may not seem far to most people but you walk 5 miles out of a holler to go to the grocery store then you'll think it is. Ryan's been trying to give me some pointers and tips on shopping. Now that boy knows how to shop. I had fun today didn't buy anything but didn't see anything I needed. I seen plenty I wanted but needing and wanting are 2 different things. I have a hard time buying things I want but that's just me.

Since it's fall and the leaves are changing not around here yet but in the upper part of the state they are. I wanted to post a couple pics from around my state of the beautiful fall trees with their leaves changing.

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