Stuff Im Thinkin About Right Now

You see the guy in my profile well Im feelin like him tonight. What's his name Michael I believe. You may think when you read this that Im beating a dead horse but its my blog and Ill say what I want. I been thinkin about this shit about me Ryan and Spencer being the same person. I for one and I think I can speak for Spencer to even though we are 2 different people we both could care less what people think or believe about us. I was brought up people not giving a shit about me so I reckon you could say I have got a little hard around the edges in that area. People who read my blog may take me as a hot head or have a bad temper but really I don't. The only thing that makes me mad is when you upset Ryan and if you have read his blog today you may notice he's upset. You see he's just the opposite of me. He comes from a family where his Mom and Dad love him very much. I may be playin amateur psycharist here but I think that makes him more sensitive than say me or Spencer. Anyway I seen he had posted a couple poems so I decided to also. Later I was talkin to him and he said I see your posting poems to don't you know people will talk. I said I don't give a fuck do you. He said no but I know better it bothers him. The people who believe who we are means the world to Ryan me also but to be honest it don't matter to me as much as it does him. The people who don't and I know your still reading our blogs I see you on the stat counter just today as matter of fact. To me your just people I have never met and I could care less what you think. Your not close to me so why should I care if you believe who I am and I don't. Im trying to get Ryan to see that but he don't have that hard edge I have. It's a shame but Im afraid he's gonna have to toughen up a little bit. That's what pisses me off that he takes what people who he dont even know and don't matter any more than a stranger on the street that he takes what they think about him to heart the way he does. My sweet little sensitive Ryan is gonna toughen up don't worry about him he'll be just fine.

Oh one more thing I may post 4 or 5 more poems before the nights out just so you know it's me and not Ryan or Spencer doing it. For those who don't believe it I think I said it once but Ill say it again you can kiss my ass and fuck off.
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