The time of year is rolling around that always puts me in a sad mood. I can feel it coming on. Thanksgiving and Christmas time I mean. Thanksgivings never was much to be thankful for but to be honest with you they have gotten better since my "father" died. I always went to my uncles house on Thanksgiving to get away from all the cussing and yellin and fightin.

Christmas I wont say I didn't get presents cause I did cloths mostly. A kid would like to have a toy sometime wouldnt he. Am I being ungrateful for wanting toys to play with I did appreciate the cloths. I would always get big promises of toys but that's it. Here's the way a conversation would go between me and my "father". I would see something on tv so I would say man that looks neat I bet that would be fun. He would say you want that boy Ill get it for Christmas for you. Funny thing I beleived him everytime. I reckon kids are stupid that way. Im still big on promises I suppose I always will be.

Here's you song test for today Spencer good luck.I know all she plans to do
But I don't know where or when.
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