Growing Up

When I was little as far back as I can remember when I had something to say or even was thinking something I was either told to shut up or sometimes even smacked. Now as a result of that I believe I have a hard time expressing myself. Like commenting on friends blogs even. I read blogs everyday and have comments in my head but I think they don't matter so I don't even say them. I know it's online and everything and Im more or less anonymous but it's just like Im right there talking to the person and I just clam up.

While I was on the subject of growing up. I love my mom dearly but she does something that annoys the hell out of me. Not so much now but when I was little. It used to hurt me but now it just bugs me. I would ask for something or to go somewhere or just anything and she would always put me off. It would always be Ill do it I promise Mike or we'll go in a little bit I promise stuff like that. Like I said it don't hurt now but as a little kid it did.
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