What Is Country Music?

Last week one of my readers Nykk from the UK said in a comment that he had just seen a highlight show of the country music awards. He said he liked it and knowing that I like country music wanted to know what I thought he should listen to first. Unfortunately what he heard on the awards show probably 90 % of it in my opinion is not country music. Let me tell you what I think country music is. Good men singers are George Jones,Vern Gosdin,Hank Williams Sr. (not Jr. hes not country),Conway Twitty,Brad Paisley,Alan Jackson thats just a few there are other good ones also. Good women singers are Dolly Parton,Martina Mcbride,Sara Evans,Leann Womack,Patty Loveless,Pam Tillis just to name a few. Let me tell you what is not country music .The group Big and Rich is not country music if you make a video and it looks like the circus has come to town thats not country music. Another example and I can't even believe Im puttin his video on my blog but the only reason I am is to show what aint country music. I use to like this asshole thats in the video. I dont know what the hell he's thinkin making it but that's his problem. The singers Ive listed are traditional country music what is use to sound like. You don't hear it on the radio or TV much anymore which is a shame.

Spencer here's your song test. Sorry it took me so long I was just trying to find a good one. Good Luck!! Old memories have the damnest way of showing up at the most unusual times. They can walk right through the darkest part of your mind and turn on every light.
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