Im Back

It's been a while since I posted. Ryan said he felt like he was taking over my blog. He wasn't but I can't think of anybody better to be took over by than his cute little ass. I see this whole multiple blog thing has come up again. Im gonna say something about it then nothing more. Spencer made a great post today about putting it in the past and he's right. It don't bother me that people think Im not who I am. I can care less. What makes me mad is that it upsets Ryan. You see he's had people before question who he is and they have been proven wrong. So it upsets him when people do it and when Ryan's upset Im mad. So please if you don't believe who Ryan or me or Spencer is keep it to yourself and nothing more will be said.

I see Davids back to making his smart ass comments. You know how I feel about you asshole. I can't stand you. If you were on fire I would't piss on you to put you out. If you were in the desert dying for a drink of water I would pour it out in front of you in the sand. The post you made a while ago making fun of Ryan's problems crossed the line with me. Im glad he laughed it off when he seen it but I couldn't and it still makes my blood boil when I think about it. He usually takes things like that real personal but the fact he didn't means he don't give a shit what people like you think. You make your little snide smartass comments like "conveniently, I didn't have the old blog to reference" meaning that he deleted it so people like your sorry ass can't catch him in any lies. He deleted it because it had stuff on it that he would just as soon forget. He wanted to make a fresh start so I asked him to join my blog. Anything on his 2 blogs he's deleted whether it was happy or sad was the truth. He's had stuff happen to him in his past that he's never mentioned on his blogs I wish would happen to you because you could never handle it. Im gonna stop because I could go on all day about how much I hate your sorry 2 faced wannabe teacher. Music teachers are people who aint smart enough to teach any other subject and dumb enough to be a music teacher.

Another thing save yourself the trouble of picking my grammar apart. I know how I spell and I know how I speak and I get my point across just fine I reckon. You should have been that concerned about english when you were trying to pass the tests to be a real teacher and you wouldn't be what you are right now.
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