I got the flu and it sucks! Seems like all the colds this year are finding me. My chest hurts my throat and my nose omg this just sucks! I know enough you don't want to hear about me being sick again. I watch Elton John on NBC last night I was happy to see someone finally gave him a special for TV it's long over due.

Can you believe Christmas is almost here. Only person I got anything for is my Brother I need to get my ass in gear and get it finished up. Maybe this weekend if I feel better I'll do it. Just hard to find something for Mom when she has everything she needs and when you ask her that's what she tells me. I need to think of something good.

I have some more topics I want to talk about but right now all I want to do is lay back down and sleep. I'll be back when I am feeling better and we will get this blog rocking.

Later from Atlanta.

One more thing........

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