The Weekend

There's a couple things I want to talk about in this post. First and most important is I made it to my weekend get away with Ryan he's laying here beside me in bed as Im typing this on his laptop. I got to say he's looking so damn hot laying here naked I can't believe Im typing this and not on top of him.

I wanted to say something about our buddy Spencer's post he made this morning. Ryan and I are in complete agreement with him and will not be participating in anymore HNT days. I am also removing our pics that we put up. Were not sluts and don't need to post pics of ourselves to get comments which in my opinion is the same as walking the street and selling yourself. There will be no more pics of me or Ryan on here so that's that.

Me or Ryan probably wont be posting anymore over the weekend. Were gonna be busy with each other and Im sure things will cum up that we have to take care of. I want to remind you all to vote today if you all ready haven't. Also remember to vote Saturday and Sunday from as many computers as you can.
Pam is who you are voting for. Ill be back Monday with all the juicy details of the weekend with my honey babe.

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