The Boy

When I was little I had friends I played with other boys my age and like most boys even straight ones if they were honest would admit to playing with there friends also. Like show me yours and I'll show you mine or even touch each others. I even had a couple friends that we did a little more. Of course we wasn't old enough for our plumbing to work but it felt good anyway. That's why I say I always knew I was gay cause I liked it even back then.

I think I was like 14 the first time I cummed. Some of my others friends were already cumming we talked about it and they told me. I was late I guess in that area. I was always bigger down there than my friends even when I was little I was bigger down there. I remember jacking off and the first time I did cum I was so happy it finally worked. I told my friends hell I even told my Mom. I know but I have always had an open thing with my Mom I have told her everything. Sometimes when I didn't think she wanted to hear. She always listen and when I had questions she didn't have answers she would seek them out until she found it.

The first time with a boy was the greatest for me. I was 14 and it was soon right after the sex with a girl. He was 15 or 16 and lived down the road from me. We were friends for the longest time but I never knew he was gay. He knew what he was doing at the time I didn't know he had done it with other guys before. It happen in my room I had just got home from a swim meet and he seen me coming home and came over I was still wearing my speedo. He ask how the match was and I told him Mom fixed us something to eat and we took it to my room to eat it and talk.

We ate the sandwiches she fixed and we were talking. I didn't think about me in the speedo and the t-shirt I was wearing. He finally said looks like you feel them speedos out good. I look down and said thanks I was feeling funny inside and didn't know why at the time. He finally came over to the bed and sit beside me. He but his hand on my leg and looked at me and then he kissed me. He ask our you ok with this? I said yeah just go slow I have never done this before. He told me not to worry he would go slow and anything I didn't like to say and he would stop.

We laid back on the bed and was kissing and he was feeling under my shirt and rubbing my cock. He ask if he could take my speedos off I said yes you can. He was like I knew you filled them speedos out very nice. He was rubbing on my cock and I felt so good inside. I told him if he didn't stop I was going to cum. He said in my ear not yet Ryan I want you to enjoy this. I ask him if I could take his shorts off and of course he said yes. I was like omg when I seen his cock I couldn't believe it and touching it I was like in heaven. We were laying there kissing and feeling each other it was great.

There is more to this story. I am not sure how much you all really want to know. I can tell everything if you all want to hear or if this is enough on my first time with a boy that's ok also. If you want the rest of the story let me know leave me a comment and I will finish it. Thanks for reading about my first time with a boy.

Later from Atlanta.
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