Ewwwwwww A Girl

I thought I would share with you my first and only time making out with a girl. We were both like 14 or 15 if I remember right. She was my best friend at the time. She knew I was gay I already told her but it didn't stop us from playing a bit. Now what I mean by playing is we did a lot of kissing and holding hands. It was nice to be honest. She was always nice to me and her skin was real soft and she could cuddle like nobody's business and I love to cuddle.

We were talking one night and she ask me if I ever thought about trying it with a girl just to be sure if I was gay? I said I thought about it but I knew from way back that I liked boys. She said well if you ever want to try it with a girl sometime I would like to be the girl. I said omg really and she said yes. I said if we did do it I don't want things to change between us and she said she didn't either so I said ok I want to try. She was like really right now I said why not?

Some of the details I will try to leave out so I don't gross anybody out but some have to be told so you can get the feeling of the story. If you don't want to read details of sex between two teens a boy and a girl then leave now!

So she ask how do you want to start this. She said well the few guys I have done it with they let me take control and do what I want. I said ok but if I don't like it I am going to stop you she said ok. We started kissing and she started undressing me. You know shirt first she was rubbing my belly and my chest and I was thinking how about the nips honey they like to be played with. (My last lover at that time turned me on to that) She was kissing my neck, ears and lips I have to admit it was turning me on some.

She was rubbing on my belly working her way down to my cock. At first I wasn't hard but she was started rubbing it thru my jeans and it didn't take long to get hard. She asked damn Ryan what do you have in there? For those that don't know and for those of you that do the lucky one's I was first in line when they were passing out cocks! Anyway I said yeah I am rather big in that area. It didn't take her long to have my pants off me checking it out.

She was in love I think least she said she was. She was giving me head and rubbing my balls and like I said before it felt good but I was thinking about a guy blowing me while she was doing it. I didn't tell her that. She stopped and said I don't want you to cum before we get a chance to do it. I said ok what now. She said undress me like I did you I said ok. I told her I don't think I could go down on her but I would try. She said that is all she wants is for me to try.

So I did the same as she did with the kissing and all and I took her shirt off. No big deal she didn't have big tits thank god. So I was feeling them and still kissing on her she was trying to get me to go down and suck on them and I said give me time I can't rush this. I could feel this thing in my stomach getting ready to throw up. I finally made my way down to the tits and did suck on them a bit and she took her own jeans off real quick like. When she did I smelled something I knew I was going to throw up.

So we kissed some more and I knew in my heart this was wrong. I needed to stop but she was all into it. Finally she took her panties off and I could see hair I felt that pit in my stomach again. She took my hand and put it on her pussy and I knew it was only a matter of time and I would be throwing up. She said try it go down on me she open her legs and I could see it all now and the smell omg it happened I threw up right there right on her.

She was so pissed at me and I ask what was that smell. She freaked out on me and hit me called me a fag and all. She said just cause your cute and got a big cock Ryan don't make you the man. I said I never claim to be the man and we agreed to try this. I said I can't do it. She said I have never had a guy turn me down and said I smelled down there. I said oh honey it does I am sorry maybe the straight boys like that but I don't. She told me to go to hell in so many ways and it ruined are friendship. I would never do anything like that again.

If you would like to hear about the first time with a guy leave me a comment or send me an email and I might post about it sometime.

Later from Atlanta.
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