More Christian Bullshit

This really just pisses me off. A lot of the churches and christian groups use God as a excuse to hate plan and simple. I have more respect for the klan than I do these people. At least I know the klan don't hide behind or use anybody for their hate they are right up in your face with it. Now these christian groups say oh God hates gays and this is wrong. When judgement day comes I don't want to be in the line with them when Gabriel blows his horn. God will come down on your hating ass!

Later from Atlanta.

Suit Challenges Expulsion of Student Who Kissed Another Girl
(AP) A lawsuit by a girl expelled from a private Christian school for kissing another girl off campus seeks at least a million dollars in damages. But attorneys for Covenant Christian Academy in Loganville say the school has a constitutional right to expel students for what they term "sexual immorality." Jessica Bradley, a ninth-grader when she was expelled in April, and her father alleged invasion of privacy and breach of contract in a Superior Court suit filed last month in Gwinnett County. The suit says that at a sleepover party with several other female students April 22nd, Bradley kissed another student, and at an earlier date had kissed a different female student. In the court documents filed last week, school attorneys cited a defense of "ecclesiastical abstention," which prohibits courts from interfering with internal politics of a church. David Clark, the Bradleys' lawyer, says the school's rules are too vague, never specifically mentioning a same-sex relationship. Clark says that while the First Amendment gives churches the right to believe what they wish, it does not give them the right to act however they wish to act. (***01/11/06 @ 06:00am***)
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