Sick & Sad

Just wanted to take a few seconds and post something I didn't want people thinking me and Mikey are the same person again. I have been sick the last few days I know seems I am sick a lot and I am. Read some of my posts and see the reasons why I have talked about it before. So this weekend I have just been laying around trying to feel better I do feel a little better today but still not 100%.

I watch this show on CNN today it was about the coal mining accident and it was so sad. The thing that choked me up was they showed some of the notes that the miners left to their families. That had to be the hardest thing they ever did. Just knowing they wasn't going to get out and see their family again. They wanted their family to know it didn't hurt still knowing they wasn't going to make it but still wanting to protect their family. Good men right there. May they rest in peace and their families find peace in their hearts.

Later from Atlanta.

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