Debating & Caring

I debated on writing this or not so I wrote it Saturday and then thought about whether I should post it or not all weekend. I talked to Mikey about it he said it was a nice thing to do but in the end it was up to me. I talked to my mom and she said the same thing so after much debating I decided I would so here it is.

Most of you that read this blog also read Scotty's blog and you know what happen to him with his job. I haven't read Scotty's blog in a long time and another blogger I was talking to on the phone asked did you see what happen to Scotty? I at first said who's Scotty. I didn't even think it was Scotty from blog world. So he told me what Scotty put on his blog so I had to go and read it. I thought well that just sucks big time. If other people are doing it at his job I bet like everyone else that he was being singled out cause he was gay.

So I like everyone else from that time on waited for news from Scotty on his blog on what they were going to do to him. Let me go back a bit if I may. I don't comment on his blog and he don't comment on mine. We used to and was very friendly with each other. Then about a year ago I think there was some shit went down and we were all involved in it and it wasn't any of our choices. It involved other bloggers and we were caught in the middle but it did hurt whatever we had in between us I think.

Anyway back to the reason I am writing this. I waited just like everyone else for word on what happen to him and his job. Then out of the blue a blast from the past posted a comment on his blog. I am not going to say this guys name. He won't get any credit on this blog what so ever. Anyway with what he said I had to click on his name and go over to his blog to see what kind of bull he had to say. He claims from what I can tell to be the one that put a bug in the company's ear. When I read that it totally pissed me off.

First off I think this bum is trying to take credit for something he had no part of but trying to be a big fish saying he did. This guy has done nothing but cause trouble on blogs since he first started coming around. He caused a lot of the troubles I had with Scotty in the first place and he even raised some hell on my blog. I know me writing this now will probably put me in his target but I don't care cause this needs to be said. If it takes him away from Scotty and the hell he's going through now then here I am prick come and get me.

I know a lot of people that reads this blog also reads Scotty's blog. When I seen the comments he got showing support I seen many of my readers there. I thought wow blogging people are really cool showing all that support. All I know is that Scotty has kids and losing a job is not a cool thing. I wanted to do something even though we are not the best of blogging buddies to say hey man we care. I think all of you readers that read my blog and his should take a second and do a small post on your blog showing Scotty that you care.

Later from Atlanta.

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