Happy / Sad

Mikey just left a little while ago going home I already miss him. We r stayin at the beach until Sunday. I had a blast while he was here we got a lot of things worked out and he will b moving soon down here with me. I am going up 2 his place soon 2 see where he comes from. All I know is Mikey is my soulmate and I hear people all the time say your 2 young 2 have found you soulmate well I say bullshit I have dated a few guys and I idn't feel like I feel when me and Mikey r together. He brought me a something when he came took me by surprise I'll share it with u at the end of this post also some dolpins we seen over the weekend.

I hope ya'll had a great 4th holiday sorry 4 not bloggin like we were. We have talked about it and all the drama that happen. It's behind me know and they got 2 me again but with ya'll and Mikey's support I got over it and will take your advice and just look pass these asswholes that try 2 get under my skin enough on that old news leave it in the pass. Did any of ya'll get out 2 see the firework shows in your town? I will b visiting blogs today so hope I can catch up from the weekend break. I have tons of questions and all kinds of posts in head and wrote down in a tablet but kinda scared just 2 go back 2 posting like before maybe in time. Guess that's it 4 now I want 2 blog surf a bit and then go lay out it's so nice here about 85 and sunny. Sorry if the typing sucks but i decided from now 2 type like I do and not send in 4 Mikey 2 fix.

Later from Tybee Island!

What could this mean? Just maybe ya'll have to wait to find out!

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