West Virginia Just Got A Little More Beautiful

Ryan wanted me to get on his laptop and post real quick to let everyone know that he made it to Charleston safe and sound. He couldn't believe we didn't have a Hilton hotel in the city. He's got them on his mind cause he said in the post earlier thats where hes staying. The best we have is Embassy Suites so his spoiled little ass will have to make do with that. I told him Im gonna have to keep my eye on him while he's here cause they've not seen anyone like him before around here. I already noticed people in the hotel lobby staring at him guys and girls. I asked him if he seen people staring at him. He said yeah whats wrong. I told him they never seen anyone as hot as you before around here. He said whatever and told me to shud up. I made sure to keep hold of his hand just to make sure they knew he was all mine.

I reckon we'll wait till tommorow to go visit the town where I live. It's been pouring down the rain all day so we'll wait till in the morning hopefully the sun will be shining. Im sure we can find stuff to do in the room till then. Ryan's showering now and he promised I could help so I got to go. Im sure he'll be posting and have some pics of my town and around the area.
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