Good News!!

I wanted to make a quick post and let everyone know hoe Ryan is doing. Sorry I didn't yesterday but I was so busy running from his house to the hospital doing errands for him and getting things he wanted. He's doing much better hes out of the oxygen tent. They took him out of it yesterday morning. I did say something funny that made him laugh when they took him out. I bent down to kiss him and he didn't want to kiss me cause he said he had bad breath. I said boy Ive had my tongue in your ass to many times to count and your worried about bad breath. You better shut up and kiss me. He busted out laughing and said you got me on that one.

Im going just in a bit to the hospital to watch the race with him. Also the doctor said if he continues to show improvement he may get to go home soon. I don't have to be back home till Wednesday morning for work so it would be awesome if he got out before I have to leave. I told him everybody wished him well. I even wrote down everyones name who left comments so I wouldn't forget. When I read them all he started tearing up and told me to make sure I post today and tell everyone thanks and send a big hug and kiss to you all. So thank you all. You definitely picked his spirits up. Now Im off to the hospital to watch the race.
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