Your the Best

I want 2 send out a word of thanx 2 ya'll 4 the e-cards, e-mails and all the comments on here. When Mikey told me what ya'll said I got all choked up. It means the world 2 me that so many people that I don't know care and if we in the blogging world can care about each other this much then I think there is hope 4 this world after all. I'm still not 100% so please forgive 4 not writing more. I just wanted 2 stop in and say thanx!

Oh Mikey sweetheart I can't say thanx enough 2 u without u in my life I would be lost. Without u in my life my life would have no meaning. I know there is a God coz he sent me u my angel! I love u babe!

Later from Atlanta.

Here is some of the flowers & gifts I got.
Thanx 2 all!!!!!!!!!!!

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