Is there still good out there?

There this old man that lives across the street from us gosh I think he said he lived in that old farm house about 40 years he lives there alone his wife passed on before we moved into our house. He has always been nice 2 us Mom used 2 call when she would go 2 the store see if he needed anything when I started driven I always check in see if he needs anything. He would always have me pick something up 4 him didn't matter if he needed it or not then I got 2 thinkin he just wanted some company so now once a week sometimes more I just stop over and talk 2 him he makes a pot of coffee and we just sit there and talk. He always tells me stories of the way it used 2 be when he was a kid really great stories and what's it cost a little time that's all.

I think we as humans we lost doing good deeds and we need 2 do them more just do it out of kindness. Like when your in a store and you see and older person shoppin they can't reach the top shelve or there tryin 2 put something in there shoppin cart pick it and do it for them reach up on that top shelve and get it for them what's it gonna hurt? Open a door for a lady give up your seat on a bus or subway for a lady or and older person what's it gonna hurt? If you have an elderly neighbor ask them if they need anything the store or maybe just go over with some cookies and talk 2 them for a little while. Maybe you have a friend that's down on there luck and there really tryin 2 make it but just don't have enough and u have a little extra money buy them a card put 20 or 50 bucks in it let them know u care and your there that might just help them buy a little food what's it gonna hurt?

I just know there is still good people out there I blog with a lot of them!
Have an awesome weekend go out and make the best of it!
Later from Atlanta!
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