Super Upset

Last few days I have been really upset and letting something eat away at me and I know I shouldn't be but I let it and until I get it off my chest it's gonna keep eating away. So here it goes I have been having a lot of trouble with so called friends of mine. Seems many of them are upset coz I don't have the time 4 them anymore like they think I should have. So I am going on record and say right here and now the most important thing in my life is Mikey. I plan on spendin the rest of my life with him I believe he is the 1 and my soulmate and I am very sorry 4 those who think I will give up my time with him 2 be with them.

I been accused of not callin people like I use 2 also not answerin emails and not posting like I was on this blog. Let me say it again Mikey is the most important thing in my life. Cell phones, emails, this blog, or any other blog for that matter comes second. If i have a chance of doing something with Mikey or being on the computer I am going 2 pick Mikey every time. I think those that read this blog and have 4 years know where I am coming from and totally understand. Most of you feel the same way as I do about your better half and your blog has become second maybe even third or forth in your life. When me and Mikey didn't live together it was easier for me 2 blog but now I would rather spend the time with him. I have only got a few complaints from the blog world coz most of u understand where I am coming from.

Now I haven't turn my back on my friends at all when there involved with someone I knew I took a backseat and I was ok with that coz I feel that is the way it's suppose 2 be. But I have the 1 I love with me they feel I am giving them the shaft. I am thinkin in my mind they weren't good friends in the first place and it's all about them well not anymore. This is my life and it's all about makin me happy and Mikey happy hell they forget I was sick and spent damn near 2 weeks in the hospital but yeah where were my so called friends then? Whatever like I said Mikey comes first blogs, emails, cell phones, friends need 2 jump in the backseat and deal or get the fuck out of my car!

Later from Atlanta!
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