Two Videos Focus on the Family DOESN'T Want You To See!

Uncle Gerry from Nichevo here for Ryan and Mike while they are off cavorting around Florida! I want you to watch two new videos from Wayne Besen's organization Truth Wins Out. The first video is and interview with Dr. Robert Spitzer and his reactions to the outrageous usage of his study by James Dobson, Focus on th Family, and Exodus International. It is interesting to see the author of the most quoted study in Ex-Gaydom state that because of the size of his study and the difficulty in finding subjects for it, he must conclude that change from homo to hetero is possible but extremely rare. The second video is of a married couple, now divorced, on how churches teaching you can pray away the gay are destroying families in the name of family values. Both are very interesting and for sure Focus on the Family does not want you to see them. So (deleted expletives) FOF, here is the truth, may it set you free!

And finally to close the post these two drawings remind me of Ryan and Mike and the love they share. Later from Big D!

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