Play Ball!!!

I can't believe spring is already here. Of course that means baseball season has started seems like just the other day the World Series was ending. I'm a big Atlanta Braves fan when it comes to baseball and no its not because it happens to be where Ryan is from. Growing up in my little town in West Virginia you had two choices when it come to baseball on TV, the Cincinnati Reds or the Pittsburgh Pirates. I don’t mean to offend anybody in those cities but I cant stand either of those teams maybe cause they were forced on me. Then there was the super station from Atlanta that carried the Braves games and that’s where I got to liking them. The past few years though they have been showing less games. Last year Ryan took me to a couple of their games which was a big thrill for me. Never in my life did I ever think I would be going to Braves games when I look back and think about the little town I grew up in. Friday night is their first home game to open the season their playing the Mets and me and Ryan and his family are going. They have season tickets and great seats behind the homeplate which is really cool. They won their first game the other day so they are off to a good start. Last year they sucked and the big problem they had was the relief pitching. They scored plenty of runs but couldn't hold a lead after the starting pitcher left. This year they have a better bullpen so I think their gonna do a lot better. Now I think Ill go play my own little game since I can see my boys bat is standing at the ready in the on deck circle;)

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