The Support

Some times I just let things get 2 me and when they do I want 2 run away run up 2 my room close the door and hide from the world. This use 2 work for me but I know now it won't. I hear time and time again Ryan it's time 2 grow up deep down I know I have 2 also but someday's I just don't want 2. That was the other day I just had enough I felt it was all closing in on me and I wanted my room. Today I feel much stronger and ready to face the world today. I know where my support system is and I can't turn away from that coz I need u guys more than u know. I have cried my heart on this blog and u guys told me it was ok 2 cry and held me while I did. I can't no I won't let the haters and nonbelievers run me away I need this support. I am so touched by the comments and the emails I mean I got some great emails and the support and love ya'll gave was awesome. I have said many times before I never was one 2 have a lot of friends growing up and still don't but bloggin help me say what I was always scared 2 say and when people took a look and like I was like well maybe there are good people out there that understand me and like me for me.

I will have an update on Mikey soon he's doing ok but fighting rehab real bad I had 2 rush there yesterday he was really upset. Also I want 2 do a post on Michael Holloway Perronne he is the author who emailed me and has 2 awesome books I fell in love with. If you want 2 check out his books click on his name and go 2 his website or if u want 2 buy the books just click on them and they will take u 2

Again I can't say thanx enough 4 the love and support ya'll give me!

Sending out love & hugs from Atlanta!

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