Thank You Jesus

I got an email from Dave a reader of this blog and I have 2 say he has made my day hell he has made my weekend! It seems that Shirley the bitch that left all them hateful comments on here has been arrested! Yes arrested and I for one am happy for this what's that old sayin "what comes around goes around" Here is the link 2 the story of her arrest.

I think these people are nothing more than a cult that use the bible and a church to spew there hate and there teaching there kids 2 do the same thing. I for one am not in favor of the war or Bush but I and Mikey are behind are troops 100% there doing there job period. For someone to protest them or a funeral and to stomp on the American flag needs more being arrested I say throw there ass out of the country. Hell I feel like a second class citizen in my own country but I love America and I believe in time I will have the same rights as the rest as much as I get mad over this in this country I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

Thanx Dave!
Have a good weekend!

Love from Atlanta!
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