We Had Our Moments!

It's always hard coming up with something 2 say when it's the last time you plan on sayin it. Well over the past weekend a lot has takin place and most I can't talk about. Oh don't worry me and Mikey are still together and if I have anything 2 do with it will always be together. I tried an easy way 2 say so long for now. I thought I would copy the Soprano's and use the onion rings and the song from Journey they used 2 end their run. So then Mikey thought we should use the Fade to Black maybe that would help ya'll understand that we were leaving the blog world. Then I thought thats not a good way really 2 say thanks and goodbye. So I want 2 say thanx for all the wonderful years of blogging. Not all have been good but ya'll made them better. I have made so many good friends that I would have otherwise maybe not met. Even though this blog is gonna close this chapter of our lives it don't mean me & Mikey won't be around. There is some big stuff coming up and soon ya'll will see us around. Those that have been emailing us keep it up I will answer emails love getting 2 know u more one on one. So for now let me just say thank you for all the love and support throughout the years. Now a few words from Mikey....

I just wanted to tell everyone who Ive met through the blog thanks for all your support and good wishes for both me and Ryan. Especially since my accident I loved reading all your get well comments and emails. Although I never actually met all of you in person I still consider you my friends and hope you do the same. The ones I have met thanks for taking the time. I never thought much would come out of my blog but boy was I surprised. The best thing of course was meeting Ryan and then also all the friends I made which if you knew me you'd know is not easy to do. There have been a number of jerks and assholes but thats to be expected I reckon. Even had one "friend" from the blog try to steal Ryan from me but I wont get into that. He knows who he is he just dont have the balls to answer emails from me. Anyway thanks everybody for all the support and thats about it I reckon.

Sending out Love 2 ya'll that has gave your love and support 2 us one last time from Atlanta!
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