Wish I didn't have a heart

For those that don't know what happen me and Mikey broke up. Mikey went back home 2 West Virginia. Please for now don't ask what happen in time I will talk about it. I was planning on coming back 2 full time blogging on September 11 but now I am not sure since I am blogging now. I haven't talk 2 Mikey about this blog if he still wanted 2 be apart of it I may start a new one with myself on it. I know many of you have ask about Corey he is a friend that talked us into coming back 2 blogging we ask him 2 do the blog with us and he agree. So he might be the only one bloggin for a while until I get my head right again. Please understand why I can't answer question just yet and thanx for the love and support. Just don't give it 2 me give some 2 Mikey 2!

Sad in Atlanta!

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