Free to Love

Why is it that a person can't be who they want 2 be. What I mean is why a person anit free 2 love who they want. One would think that as far as this world has come that nobody would care who a person loves but we still have a lot of haters out there. Then we have people hiding who they are living in the closet if you will or go as far as having a beard so there cover won't be blown. How is that fair that they have 2 hide and not be free 2 love who they want I just think that sucks. Seems like I have a number of haters still visiting my blog but that's ok I called Mikey waiting on him 2 call me back I forgot the password for haloscan I want 2 be able 2 remove these hateful comments when they come up. I haven't forgot your questions and I will get 2 them just been working on some other things. This weekend now I am feeling better I am gonna be gone so it will be later b4 I get 2 them. What did ya'll think of Corey's post? Would you like more post like that? How far is 2 far when it comes 2 video's on here? Let me know coz I look at this blog as yours also so I don't want 2 go there if we all didn't agree on it.

That's all for now folks!
Later from Atlanta.

Can you guess where these's were taken at?

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