A Little Something

Seems I just can't kick this cold it's better but I got this cough and it's driving me crazy. I know I don't have far 2 go. Yes it did a real good number on my ears seems like every time I get the flu the ears are the first thing that get screwed up. I have been kinda laying around the pool just takin it easy not doing much. Honest my life is been kinda boring that's why I haven't really blog much. I know ya'll want 2 hear something but I got nothing. I guess I could write about Corey he seems 2 have a life and the only one getting anything. Don't worry folks I had the talk with him can't have my best friend / roommate doing anything that will get him sick. So that's it for now if ya'll got any questions or anything u would like 2 know leave a comment and I'll answer them in a post.

Later from Atlanta!

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