Richmond, Jr & Michael

Here I am again another weekend another race track seems like all my friends are worried about me. Feels good 2 be honest all this love. Richmond is the race of the week and not a bad short track. I don't know how these guys get use 2 living in a rv weekend after weekend it would get 2 me. No I am not bitching I am happy 2 be here I just was sayin. I find it a great honor to be ask 2 come and stay the weekend at a Nasacr track. I think the races this weekend will be great and I don't think Jr will make it in there I said it now you Jr fans can leave me nasty comments. When I get back I want 2 talk about the Jr going to Hendrick and I also want 2 talk about Michael Vick. I know it's old news but I never got 2 talk about it and being a Falcons fan I want 2 put my 2 cents in on that topic. Watch this video and then do what you can 2 help. Please!

Later from Richmond!

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