Almost Heaven

Ok time for my Christmas plans here in a little bit we are leaving for Atlanta. I am going 2 be spending the night there and getting up tomorrow morning and I am heading 2 WEST VIRGINIA!!!!!!!! That's right Mikey invited me 2 come up and spend the holiday with him and his Mom. I am so freaken happy have been all week except the drama from yesterday but hell it couldn't even bring me down. Don't worry about Corey I know your thinkin what about Corey? Well he is spending the holiday with my parents and baby Brother I always like saying baby Brother even though he's bigger than me now. So that is the big surprise I think some of you guessed it already. So wish me luck it all goes good and Mikey will be back online soon as I get there I got a great gift for him! I will try 2 post while I am there but don't get mad if I don't coz all my time is gonna be spent with him! Corey said he would throw something up so there ya go!

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  1. Laurie Says:

    Be careful my boys! I trust your
    driving but I don't trust others.

    Can't wait till you get to Mike.
    Once you're back together things
    will be better for the both of you.
    I love y'all MORE than TONS!

  2. Says:

    Merry Christmas, love, and eternal groovieness, boys!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful news Ryan, What a glorious surprise. Uh,tell Mikey that he don't have to give up on a education to be with you. They got Colleges in Atlanta. I am trying to guess what you got Mike for Christmas. Does it start with Cum and end with pooter? haha! Happy Christmas and good times you both deserve. Hugs, Ed

  4. Uncle Gerry Says:

    I am so glad to hear of your trip up north to see Mike, hope everything works out as we hope it will. love to all. btw a Corey pillow sounds fabulous.

  5. irisgirl Says:

    Oh, Ryan---You KNOW how happy I am for the 2 of you---I also think it is a great idea to get together at Mikey's--quieter, fewer distractions, and he won't have all the "money issues" staring at him while the 2 of you try to get your relationship back on track.

    What a difference from
    last Christmas--but that was also a new beginning for the 2 of you.

    OK--I still want to know what the big drama was from yesterday--did you not go to the go-go party? What's the story?

    Big Christmas hugs and kisses to you, Mikey and Corey...

  6. CreamedHoney Says:

    Renewing old friendships is great. What a wonderful surprise. Be mindful of those snowy WV roads.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Ryan!! :o)
    I'm soooo very happy you are going to Mikey's for Christmas! I'm so happy you will get to spend time with him. HAVE FUN & I know everything will go very wonderfully! :oD I'm so proud of you and I'm so glad Mikey will be back up online SOON, after he gets your gift! ;o) I really hope Corey has a very wonderful Christmas with your mom and baby brother as well. Have a very wonderful and Merry Christmas you two & take care!! :o)

  8. Dan Says:

    Wow Ry this is awesome!
    Have a great Christmas buddy... I'll be thinking of you as I laze around the pool on Christmas day... gonna be bloody hot haha...

    Be careful ok...

    love Dxxx

  9. jimm Says:

    Mike and Ryan together once again, for Christmas....

    Joy to the World!

  10. Lewis Says:

    Hum....back to see Mikey, eh? Hum......still waiting for pics of you boys. I send you huge, giant DRAMA FREE holiday wishes. Hugs...thinking of you, as usual.

  11. Sexy Duet Says:

    Great news, have a woderful Christmas with Mikey. Take care on the drive.

    Ms SD