America I am Home

Finally back home as much as I love going over 2 my Grandparents I love coming home. Corey had a wonderful time like I said he fell in love at least a million times haha! Anyway getting back on time is always hard takes me a few days. I'll have a better post later when I can think I also have a big surprise I want 2 tell ya later just want 2 make sure on it first! Thanks 2 Laurie and Lewis for holding down the blog while we were gone. Love U Guys!

My Grandfather always tells me these little sayings when I leave and this time was no different but this time I like what he said and how true it is. So I want 2 tell ya'll and hope u can get out of it what I did.

He told me
Boy you can't please everyone so you got to please yourself"
Now isn't that so true?

12 Responses
  1. Cheeky Says:

    Your Grandfather is a wise wise man!

    Welcome home

  2. elise Says:

    Welcome home!!! get some rest--quickly--then fill us in on everything, including you-know-what!!

    big hugs...

  3. Carl Says:

    Welcome back.

  4. patti_cake Says:

    Your Grandpa gives some good advice. I bet I know what the surprise is. Mikey is coming to ATL for Christmas. You heard it here first.

  5. Becky J Says:

    Welcome back. What your grandfather says is so true because we are the only ones that can live our lives for us. Also, the thing that makes the people who love us the happiest is for us to be happy.

  6. Laurie Says:

    I missed you boys so much!
    It feels like forever when you're

  7. Lewis Says:

    Thank God.....We were worried sick that you wouldn't like what we did to your site! I'm not sure if you'll be losing readers or not. Hope you were able to relax a little and have plenty of cups of English tea. Welcome home boys.

  8. Bob In Florida Says:

    Is your grandfather the ghost of Ricky Nelson? It was he who sang in the song "Garden Party" from 1972:

    Well it's all right now
    I've learned my lesson well
    You see you can't please everyone
    So you got to please yourself.

    I'll bet your grandpa likes cheezy American rock from the 1970's.

    Glad yous guys are home, glad you had a good trip, and can't wait to hear the news!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome home Ryan and Corey! I missed you so much. I can't wait to here the good news. So Corey you couldn't get a British lad to follow you home?haha.
    There is a big snow storm headed here and then its heading east but Atlanta is too far south for a white Christmas. I hope you guys get everything you want this Christmas, it is a time for miracles. Ed

  10. sillyboi Says:

    Ryan, Corey, I am glad that you are back in the states. Hope you had a great time and everything. Get back with me when you get a chance. I am now back in Indiana myself visiting family until January 17th and preparing for a major snow storm we are supposed to get tomorrow through sunday with Blizzard like conditions.. I will talk to you later..

  11. Martin Says:

    Well, it's jolly good to have you lads back here in the colonies. Hope you had a ripping fine time in Olde England !

    Rest up,and then tell us all about your adventures (or mis-adventures) across the pond.

    Gotta go, my tea's on the boil !
    Have a bloody good weekend, boys.

  12. Uncle Gerry Says:

    I am so glad to have you bois back home. I know you had a good time, what we want is ...detaild!..details!Seriously, welcome home I look forward to the tales. Love to all