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Well tonight is the big Christmas part. I don't have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head but of go-go boys. I just know tonight is gonna be wild and crazy and if Santa thinks I'm gonna sit on his lap all I got 2 say is he better be hot and buff like an Ambercrombie model then I might touch his candy cane. Ok I know I am getting a little crazy but hey for once in a long time I am really happy!

Ok I have a question last night we were having a tea party and this topic came up I would like 2 know what you think. A person had a sex change and u know this would you not want this person with you in a public bathroom? Would it make you feel strange? I was surprised a bit on the answers last night so I thought I would see what ya'll think.

One more question since this is the season 4 giving and being thankful and forgiving people. If someone in your past you feel did u wrong and they came and say there sorry should I forgive them?

For all the people in the great white north or the cold north I am leaving you with some warm thoughts from Florida.


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  1. elise Says:

    Oooh....a nice hunk of Ambercrobie model would be very nice...

    To answer your questions--If a guy I knew changed to a girl and she was in a public bathroom with me, I don't think I'd have a problem, unless it was the very 1st time I saw her since the surgery--I'm sure I would be shocked, no mater where we were!

    If someone who had wronged me in the past asked for forgiveness, my response would depend on the circumstances--how bad was the wrong, how did it affect me, do I believe the apology, etc. In general,I am a very forgiving person.

    And finally---whose cute butt is that?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    WOW! That last picture warmed the cockles of my heart, thanks.
    If the sex change person came into the restroom while I was in there, I would not feel uncomfortable. If they stared at my penis while I was pissing I would feel uncomfortable no matter who they were.
    If someone asks for forgiveness and they are truly sorry you must forgive them. If they wrong you a second time forget it.
    My Motto: Fool me (or wrong me) once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Wise old Ed (haha)

  3. patti_cake Says:

    I don't care who goes to what bathroom. A non-issue with me.

    I try to be forgiving but I can't lie and say i'm always successful. I think you are a better person if you can let go of that baggage whenever possible though.

    Butt crack is NEVER pretty LOL

  4. Anonymous Says:
    Hehe, I totally agree, he better be really flippin HOTT and let me guide his sleigh.

    Honestly, I would feel strange but I would at least TRY and make the best of the situation for this person and not try and make him/her feel uncomfortable. I would just TRY and not let it bother me and just do my bet to get used to it and get over it.

    As for forgiving this person, I say, depends on what happend and how things REALLY occured. I honestly would talk to this person, listen and try to understand as best as I can. It really just depends on how things happend and who really did what. Whether it was on purpose or on total accident and/or a misunderstanding. I would talk to the person and TRY to make the best of everything and try my very best to work things out with this person, make thins right and forgive.

    Great post!
    Hott ass!
    Thank you Ryan!


  5. Carl Says:

    I don't care who is in the bathroom with me. It is really a now issue.

    I try to forgive, but I don't forget, my memory is a curse. I am not trying to be cliche here, I honestly remember the dumbest details and which makes it hard to forget.

    I am not always succesful at forgiving, but I do my best to give a person a second change. We all make mistakes.

  6. CreamedHoney Says:

    Aren't we supposed to ask forgiveness for our "trespasses" as "we forgive
    others". I'm not sure who one share's a bathroom with is all that important in the great scheme of life. Glad you're back safe and sound!

  7. Laurie Says:

    I know guys that could be
    Abercrombie boys. Thank goodness
    they are all legal too.

    I don't care who's in the bathroom
    with me. I leave the door open to
    it at work and we have a man that
    works in the kitchen and we also
    have the district guys that are all
    over the kitchen. I've always been
    that way. I just don't have any
    worries. We all go to the bathroom

  8. Laurie Says:

    Sorry Sexy,
    This is a PS to the last comment.
    If it's Mikey...accept it. Take
    that boy and hold on to him.

    If it's that other boy that you
    were with what's his name Aaron?

    Any friends yeah, take it and then
    just be on guard. Don't tell them
    things that you wouldn't want
    others to know.

    I love you toooooo much boy!

  9. jimm Says:

    ehrm....i'm... uh... uncomfortable with anyone in a public restroom.

    if someone apologizes, really means it, i'd give em another chance. ask yourself this, how can someone change for the better if you don't allow it?

  10. Dan Says:

    Wouldn't bother me in public toilets... I mean we're all there to shit so who am I to get all uptight about it.

    If someone who has wronged me came and asked for forgiveness, and I knew they meant it, I'd (try to) forgive. But that doesn't mean I'd necessarily continue any kind of relationship with them, that part would depend on who it was and what happened.

    Hope you're ok.