48-28 We Killed Them!

What a game! Mikey lost his voice! I like when Mikey's happy coz it makes me happy and he made me happy last night hehe. More to come later were getting ready to head home.

7 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    WHOO~HOO!!!! I'm so glad they won and you both are happy! ;o) Take care & have a safe trip home.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful! Mikey's team won and he personally scored a Touchdown. Ryan's backfield was in motion and Mikey carried the ball across the goal line. The after Touchdown dance was surely a sight to behold. I think a new game broke out that involved a big bat and some wrestling moves. I predict a replay of the game again tonight. Hooray! Ed

  3. elise Says:

    Ed--great comment!!!!!

    Looking forward to details of the camping and Arizona trip-tastefully edited, of course (NOT!!)

    Love you guys.....

  4. Patti Says:

    Awesome! Have a safe trip home!

  5. Laurie Says:

    I tried to watch it last night
    but my eyes were too tired to stay
    open. I'm so glad they won.
    Now, with Mikey's voice gone go
    make some noise.

    I love ya both!!


  6. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Ditto what Ed said, I want the game film from that for closer study! Have a safe trip home, chat with you tomorrow! Love to all.

  7. Polt Says:

    I dont follow college football at all, but when I heard this score, I smiled for both of you. :)

    Glad you guys had a great time.