Bank of America

Normally I wouldn't bitch about this but I am so angry right now I have 2 get it off my chest. BANK OF AMERICA SUCKS! And today the lost a customer not just me but my family. My Dad is in Atlanta as I write this transferring our money 2 a different bank. I wish I could go into details about what happen coz it is so simple but Dad I know would have a fit talkin about our business on here. Just take my word for these big banks like Bank of America suck and they don't give a shit about there customers all they car about is making a buck. Ya know I hope they are the bank that hold all the liens on these houses people are loses. Yes Ryan can be mean when he needs 2 be and Bank of America is on my shit list! I know it don't matter coz I'm just one person and they have millions of customers but now as of today they have one family less.

Other than that my day is going good. I might be flyin 2 Daytona this Saturday with Mikey for the Budweiser shootout. After is where I am stuck on do I fly back or just stay in Florida for the twin 125's on Thursday the 14th and the 500 that Sunday or fly back and then fly back down on Wednesday. Shit I don't know can I go a week without Mikey that will hard 2 do.

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  1. Tim Says:

    life sounds tough! :) suck it up!!

    have fun at the races and don't get sunburned.

  2. Laurie Says:

    Sorry Babe.

    I'm with Bank of America. Back
    several years ago someone stole a
    check of ours and printed their
    own with our account #. The bank
    caught it before I did. They called
    me to tell me that the signiture
    on one check wasn't mine.
    Almost $2000. was taken by these
    people before they could stop them.
    I got it all back though.

    I wish it was better for you
    Sweetie. My love you all!


  3. Laurie Says:

    Sorry Baby Boy,

    This is a PS to the first comment

    I'll take care of Mikey for ya while you're away :D j/k!

    I just had to give you a laugh.


  4. Says:

    What is the burgling of a bank to the founding of a bank? from The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht

  5. Skreet Says:

    BOA does not care about their customers. I left them in college when they started charging me for deposit slips at the branch.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    yes Bank of America does SUCK big time!

  7. Lewis Says:

    Yup....they do. Just read in today's USA Today about them screwing perfectlygood customers who pay their bills on time with higher interest rates and fees. Not good. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that anyone else is truly any better.

  8. Patti Says:

    I am no fan of BOA either, had them when I was first married. Heck i work for a bank but don't bank here. I bank at a small credit union. They know customer service.
    Have a WONDERFUL time in Daytona honey!