Here I come Daytona

Later today me and Cole will be flying out of Charleston headed to Daytona. Saturday night is the Budweiser Shootout this is the first time Reed has been in it so wish him luck hope he wins it! Were gonna stay the week gonna go over to the house in Tampa show Cole around that area a little then come back to Daytona for the twins 125's on Thursday. We then will stay in Daytona until Sunday evening then we will be flying back to Charleston. A week without Mikey man I know I don't want 2 do it but I know I will have fun at the races and this is Cole's first time and 2 get him in places people can't normally go unless you know somebody will be cool. Me and Mikey are planning on some other races together this summer. Yes Patti Darlington is on our list! hehe Oh Best Gay Blogs is doing another interview on me I had a nice interview with Ryan Fields about my depression post. That's why he wanted to do another interview that I was open about it and maybe it could help someone else who is dealing with it. I think he said Monday or Tuesday they would post it I'll let ya know soon as it is up. Well that's it 4 me kids I am out of here and headed into the redneck pits!
Have a good weekend don't forget pull for Reed 2 win Saturday night!

8 Responses
  1. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Good Luck Reed, knock em dead, and Ry be a good little tour guide for Cole, would not want him to miss anything . Be safe and get back to Mikey in one piece! Love ya!

  2. Jon Cox Says:

    Ohh AWESOME!! Good luck to Reed! I hope you both have a VERY wonderful and FUN time! :o) That's so awesome you've got new interviews coming up, good for you! Have an AWESOME weekend and have fun! :o)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I am glad Ryry and Cole are going to Daytona but wish Mike could go too. Ryan, you'll have to make it up to him when you get back.
    The only racetrack I've been to is the Brickyard in Speedway but that was only time trials for the 500, I've never been to a real race. I'll be watching on TV and rooting for Reed to do well and for my sweet baboo (Matt Kenseth)to have a great year. Ed

  4. Patti Says:

    I am definitely pulling for REED!
    You and Cole have a GREAT time in Daytona and Tampa.

    Um you spelled my name wrong though LOL

  5. Laurie Says:

    Be careful! I love you and check
    your e-mail!


  6. Lewis Says:

    Careful you guys, I don't want any impropriety or foolin' around in the pits.

  7. Troystopher Says:

    Have a wicked fun weekend!!! :0)

  8. Ryan Says:

    Fixed Patti oops sorry!