New Day

I really don't want 2 talk about what happen over the weekend. It seems like drama is following me around and I am sick and tired of it. So I am gonna make this a new day for me and this week I am blocking all drama out. One drama free week is what's on order for me. There are things I am gonna talk about and some things I will not so please forgive me if I leave u hanging on some things. Maybe u can just shoot me and email and I will answer it that way instead of blogging about it. I will be staying here in Atlanta for a little longer I know that for sure where I go from here I am not sure only time will tell. Maybe in time I can talk about this past weekend and what happen just now so much going on with what happen I can't. I am helping my with doing people's taxes since she closed down here company with the loss of houses selling she took up doing taxes this season so I been helping with that it's been kinda fun in a way. I miss working at the hospital more I think and I think I want 2 get back into that and helping people with there rehab I was good at it. I will try will hard with having more positives post on here these other post I looked over and they were downers. I guess like I said before u have any personal question email me and if your someone I been talking with and I trust ya I will give u the answer just give me time if u send and email seems like I been getting a lot lately not that I'm not happy with that just takes me a while 2 answer back but I do every email I get I write back that's just me.

Later from Atlanta!
7 Responses
  1. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Just write what is in your heart, you know we will listen and we will always love you.

  2. Tim Says:

    best wishes on getting out the door soon.
    Don't blame yourself if others let you down, your just doing your part to live in a better world . If they let you down it's their loss.

  3. Laurie Says:



  4. elise Says:

    A drama-free week sounds wonderful---we could all use more sunshine and rainbows!

    I'm sending a basket of love and smiles and happy thoughts your way.......

  5. Java Says:

    Hey babe, how's the positive working' for you this week? I hope you have a drama free week and get some rest and relaxation.

    I love the rainbows.
    Here's to healing happiness...

  6. Lewis Says:

    Good thoughts, great energy, happy days are in store for you. Email me! I'll make you happy!

  7. Patti Says:

    Yep what Uncle Gerry said. Hugs