Do not disassemble...

Right, no overly long rants this post (Scouts honour!)

In the two pictures below there are five differences. Can you spot them?


The first is a building on campus and the second, well, isn't. Also, I met our new undergraduates today. Generations of undergraduates are usually definable in some way, e.g., post war, England's world cup victory year, moon walk, etc etc. This lot are defined by not being alive when the ThunderCats finished its tv run. Poor things, they've not had a childhood :-)

Right, I'm off: that beer isn't going to drink itself without proper attention now is it? *hugs*

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  1. Laurie Says:

    How funny! I forgot the name of
    the movie SHORT CUIRCUT! Yes! Loved
    that movie and cried! Oh did I cry.