Well, I'm a few days into the new job and ye gads am I looking forward to the weekend! Not that the job is terrible - but at the weekend I get to see the manwife and I've been missing him terribly.

Well, what is my shiny new job I hear you cry? Well, I've landed myself a university teaching fellowship back in the UK! Woo hoo! *does the dance of job joy* It's only a three year position but it's far better than floating from one-year contract to one-year contract that seemed to be the pattern in Ireland. Hopefully this (greater) stability will enable the manwife and I to think about sensible things like joining the property ladder and slipping an altogether different type of rings onto our fingers...

In the meanwhile I better crack on rewriting the version of the student manual for Maple we give our undergraduates - as you can see my job isn't quite as glamorous as Ryan's - so toodle pip!

Like you all I've been fantastically happy about Mikey's surprise visit to Ryan - I hope you guys have been having fun! xxx

3 Responses
  1. Congrats on the new job!!!! Always exciting :)

  2. Laurie Says:

    YEAH!!! NEW JOB!!!

    Why does that comic strip make me
    think that is something you would


  3. Martin Says:

    Good luck on the new job!