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Ok Bob I know how you hate me leavin things hangin but sometimes I just have 2 coz I don't have the time 2 tell the story but want people 2 know I'm alive and I will have something soon. It's kinda like watching desperate housewives you don't want it 2 end so when it does you have 2 tune back in. Anyway sorry Bob here is the rest of the weekend story. It did involve a boy and as Jimm said getting some tail haha yes I did go out with someone his name is Kadin I met him when I was in the hospital I know how cool huh? He works there and when I seen him for the first time I was like damn! Well I wasn't sure he was gay but I thought my chances are good he's working in a hospital after all. I talked to him when I was in the hospital but I couldn't get a good feel so I didn't want 2 come right out and ask so I waited until I was out of the hospital and I went back and talk 2 a nurse and found out when he worked again and I showed up there and I think I surprised him when I walked up 2 him well anyway I ask him out and he said yes and lets just say I didn't leave his place until yesterday so Bob that's why I had 2 put the post on hold sorry. Wish me luck I'm takin things slow we kinda with Kaden I want things 2 work anyway wish me luck.
Elise to answer your question right now the most beautiful place I have ever visited has to be Chattahoochee National Forest around Cooper Creek area. The reason why this area is I love the forest and the great outdoors and it's do beautiful there and I felt something once when I was there and 2 this day I don't know what it was some people told me it was hands of God touching me others think I'm crazy maybe there right. All I know is when I am in there I feel at peace with myself and everyone so I think it's the most beautiful place.Laurie you know I love ya but Mom back off me and my baby brother haha! We love you and yes I will get on that!Angel um it's been a while maybe a year was the last time I was in Jville not sure when I am coming back there but will let u know when I do so we can have lunch or something.

Ed good question five years from now I hope to be married maybe even kids I look 2 be either here still in Florida or maybe back home in Georgia and I still hope to be blogging and telling you to stop talking yourself down before I come up there and slap ya!
Jimm I think I good at reading people I guess it comes from not hearing well that people like us pick it up so well as far as pick out good from bad that has not been good for me I always pick bad haha!

Thanks for the questions I will do it again sometime.
Later from Florida!
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  1. Says:

    Thanks for bringing some light into that weekend story. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for answering my question, Ryry. It is hard for me to believe I'm worth anything after years of being told I'm not but I'm working on it. You better not stop blogging little Bro. ed

  3. elise Says:

    I'm partial to forests myself, Ryan---they have a beautiful serenity.

    Hope you and your new guy are happy--of course we need more details---no, not those naughty ones, just tell us more about him!


  4. Panhandle Bob Says:

    So...I guess you and Mikey are living in Quitsville now? Did I miss something? I thought you two were getting back together. Or was the real "message" in some cryptic post that I couldn't decode?

    It's so hard to keep up with this blog. I never know what's going on from one post to the next.

  5. Ryan Says:

    its not you bob we just didnt say anything this time. (me and mikey) dont know why just didnt. i wish my blog wasnt hard for you 2 follow but least u try thats worth something. thanx!

  6. Sorry I wasn't here to ask a question but I enjoyed hearing about your date! Enjoy while your young honey. Big hugs!!

  7. Panhandle Bob Says:

    "i wish my blog wasnt hard for you 2 follow but least u try thats worth something."

    One reason...perhaps the only reason I click on this blog at all was because of my interest in the saga of Ryan and Mikey. I kept waiting for news...something...some little tidbit, but none were forthcoming. And now you confirm what I suspected, that you and Mikey are "off again."

    I hate to say this Ryan, but without the Mikey angle, your vague, cryptic, let's-keep-everyone-else-guessing, only-"insiders"-understand, non-informative posts are probably not worth clicking (or commenting on). There are just too many other blogs out there now - I mean, there's literally a kajillion of them, some with real substance.

    And so I wish the best of luck to you in the future. Which is the nice way of saying, "Have a nice life, bud!"

    Take care.