Do You Care?

It was 27 here in my part of Florida this morning there was frost on the car windows and the grass. Damn I thought I lived in Florida I hate cold. Yesterday when I got off work I stop at the store and got stuff to make chili I know it's always best when it's cold outside and I wanted to have dinner ready for Kadin. So yeah the chili was awesome and Kadin loved it also he ate 2 bowls and took some for lunch today. We were eating dinner and watching the news something we just do anyway with it being so cold out the open the shelters for the homeless and I agree its the right thing to do. We were watching the news like I said and they were now reporting on the animal shelters and they were asking for help they needed blankets and rugs stuff like that to keep the animals warm. Of course I am a big animal lover so I was like ok hurry up with dinner sweety we got to get some blankets and stuff together and run it down 2 the shelter. We didn't have many extra so we took what we had and I was sad to see not many people were there to help. I ask they lady do they have enough to least give each animal a blanket she said no there just not enough anymore in times likes these.

Yeah she knew how to pull my heart strings so I called Mom and told here I just had to do more 2 help she said go ahead and use it so off we ran to the dollar store I got all the blankets and rugs I thought they could use and bought up all the food that they had in stock sorry Dad I will pay you back. We took the stuff back to the shelter and gave it 2 the lady she ask if we wanted to help get the animals ready for the night by passing out the blankets and stuff I was like hell yeah! I was totally impressed with Kadin I didn't know he was such an animal lover like me. I already have 2 dogs but we got our eye on another from the shelter! Please people if you can give any to your local animal shelter do it they can use it even if you call and ask them if they could use rugs or blankets they will take. If feel better helping people then do so times are hard for everyone so do what you can. It's better to give to the salvation army than to goodwill in my opinion I been in then goodwill stores and people give stuff to them and they turn around and charge almost new prices for the stuff anit right if u ask me. Your local church also is a good place to give to only if there not southern baptists damn right I said that southern baptists suck don't give them anything!

Later from a cold Tampa Bay!
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  1. IronKnee Says:

    Did you know that the Salvation Army is strongly anti-gay? The Salvation Army states "scripture forbids sexual intimacy between members of the same sex. The Salvation Army believes, therefore, that Christians whose sexual orientation is primarily or exclusively same-sex are called upon to embrace celibacy as a way of life" on it's website.

  2. ryan field Says:

    It's been really cold here, too. We were in the teens this morning.

  3. Ryan Says:

    ironknee i didnt know this about salvation army seems like there is really no place 2 give even if a person wanted so i say help the animals least they love ya know matter what ya are!

  4. Carl Says:

    Goodwill does a great job. They use the money they make on the donated items to fund the stuff you don't see.

    I am not a fan of the Salvation Army at all. Besides being anti-gay, there is a cost to what they provide. Nothing if free with the salvation army.

  5. Ryan Says:

    carl im starting to see that i am wrong on goodwill and the salvation army. looks like something to post about next week. so goodwill it is!!!

  6. How truly wonderful of you Ryan.....What a GREAT thing to do. Sometimes I feel like you, about many charity's.....I try to give where I can, but I am very partial to Animal Needs.....Most of the smaller organizations are in such need.....And it makes me feel good to know I am giving help where it is truly needed, and will be used for---in this case---The Animals. (I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW COLD IT IS THERE!!!!) I KNOW YOU had to feel really so good about going that extra mile for The Shelter and those dear Animals....

    As far as The Salvation Army & Good Will.....They are strange organizations. When my dear friend died this past May, the Salvation Army only wanted NEW things....New Furnitue, etc. and if it had a teeny tiny stain of ANY kind on it---THEY WOULDN'T TAKE IT! Hello?
    And The same with Good Will, PLUS....Neither of them will walk up stairs to get anything, YOU have to bring it down to the ground floor, yourselves for them to even look at it.....!
    Here in Los Angeles, we have some "stores" called OUT OF THE CLOSET, run by AIDS Healthcare Foundation....They are WONDERFUL and they take just about anything....! And their prices are incredibly reasonable when the get ready to re-sell.
    I was really quite surprised at The Salvation Army and Good Will....
    You have such a good big heart, Ryan....and Kadin, too....I think it is wonderful that you already feel as you do about "service", be as young as you are and to care in the way you do, says a lot about your values and about your parents....!

  7. Awww Ryan God Bless You!!! I've always been a rescuer and supported the Shelters too! We donate blankets,towels & stuff all through the year.

    Also I made chili last night too! but it is much, much colder here!

    I hope I can figure out how to recieve a text on my new phone. It's purty but i'm VERY technologically challenged! I'll figure it out though.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Goodwill helps the mentally disadvantaged by hiring them to help out. My neighbors are usually good people but they got a little black dog tied to a tree and he cries and whines. I told the man that dog needs a warm house and he said he takes it inside at night but I can see it is still outside all night. The guy inherited lots of money so I know he could give that poor doggie a better life. Some people I just wonder about, you know? ed

  9. naturgesetz Says:

    I don't know in detail about the Salvation Army or Goodwill, but it seems to me that if they are getting help to people who need it, they deserve support. If they teach that homosexuals are called to celibacy, so what, as long as they don't refuse to help gay people who disagree with them?

  10. naturgesetz Says:

    Ryan — your reaction to the crisis at the shelters reminds me of Luke 21:1-4. You may not have given every last penny, but you are certainly a generous young man.

  11. Angel Says:

    awesomeness! Again, you surprise me with your heart of gold. I was really happy Kadin helped out and that your mom pinched in. Most people forget about animals in need. I am apart of the aspca here in Jax and I always go there atleast once every 2 weeks to see if they need anything. Luckily, the animal shelter close to me doesn't really need anything. But I still donate a couple of things when I have them. Im a big animal lover, hell ive got 3 cats already! I call them my poop squad cuz they can shit like theres no tomorrow lol. When I woke up today and yesterday there wasn't any frost outside so I am abit surprised that there was frost outside for you. And about the salvation army thing, that much is true. The reason why is because their organization is mainly based on the catholic belief system...for the most part.

    Anywho I tried contacting you today but I guess you werernt on. Had a question I hoped you would answer. Hopefully I will speak to you soon.

    Keep warm!

    Love n Peace,

  12. Laurie Says:

    I'm proud of you Sweetie....

    Makes me happy when you do that
    and you know it....There was one
    year at Christmas that Josh spent
    ALL the money he had saved to give
    to the animal shelter here....

    We give to the HUMANE SOCIETY
    here in Ft. Worth every chance
    we get....


  13. elise Says:

    I love hearing about the sweet things you do--I hope it inspires others.

    Extra hugs for you, Kadin and Mom, and everyone else who is looking out for others in need...