Chuck & Martin thanks so much got your books in the mail today. I really needed that when I was feeling that friends were all fake. Thanks again guys!

I'll have a post soon! For those that don't have facebook and don't know what's going on.

Oh went to the doctor today for a check up on my knee and leg he like the way it's healing now and want's me to start therapy on Thursday should be fun with the nuts and bolts in there haha!

2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    With all of the metl they've putin you maybe you can be the Terminator. You sure can't go through an airport with out setting off the alarms. Do your therapy and get better, Ryry. Hugs, ed

  2. Angel Says:

    terminator lol. Thats awesome you have the book buddy thing going on. I havent had the time lately to even read because I have been soo busy. I hope everything goes out well for you in therapy. I may not follow your facebook so I may not know everything that is going on. But rest assure, I am thinking of you always Ryan.

    Tell Kadin I said hello!

    take care soldier,