WTF North Korea? / Doc Update

So much crazy going on in this world I know I was hard on Obama for not doing something sooner about gay rights. Now I read this morning about North Korea threats towards the United States and its allies if we provoked them. This Kim Jong II sounds like to me he trying to start the 3rd world war and he's wanting to hand over his leadership to his 26 year old son and what I found out about him he's just as crazy as his dad. I jumped on Obama about gay rights thinking he didn't have anything going on when it's clear he got more going on then we all know. I'm not saying he shouldn't do something about gay rights cause he needs too I also read earlier he's extending benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees that's a start and we need more but I say you have to start somewhere. My thing is if we don't do something about this crazy Kim Jong and North Korea we won't have to worry about rights gay or straight with a world war not many will be left anyway. Thing I don't understand is why we all can't get along? Why is there all this hate for another country? I believe in my heart that we all could get along we could respect each other all we need to do is be open minded and talk is that so hard? Maybe I'm reading too much into this but it worries me.The doctor said yesterday he was hoping my leg would be doing better with the rods and pins but just not healing like he would like so he said. So he want's me for now to stay off of it for a week as much as I can. He stopped all therapy for a week wants me to stay out of the hot tub and just rest it. So this week looks like a lot of sleeping for me. I've got a few emails I wanted to answer first was asking me what brings on my depression? I wish I knew most the time when I wake up it's there sometimes it just comes it's hard to explain it just happens. Another question I been getting from my nudist friends or people just wanting to see me naked haha is where and when will I be doing my next nudist thing. I wish I knew that I do it here at home all the time but next event I'm not sure it depends on the leg healing. Me & Kadin both want to do some nude camping this summer and early fall so I'm hoping soon.

Thanks about it for me if you have any question just email me and I'll answer them.
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  1. A Lewis Says:

    Nude camping? Make sure you have mosquito repellant! As for everyone getting along, it does sound like a very good idea, doesn't it? And so simple! Unless you're not wired that way and have hate built into your heart, soul, and life. I'm thankful that you and I don't.

  2. ryan field Says:

    You sound better today. Listen to the Doc and rest this week.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think the Korean leader is demented and there's no talking to an idiot. I'm sure it's genetic.
    My Depression comes from everything. If I'm having a good time I get depressed because I know it's going to end. If I'm having a bad time I get depressed because I wnat to have a good time. If I'm feeling bad I get depressed and if I'm feeling good I get depressed because I know it won't last. In summer I'm depressed because it goes by too fast and in Winter I'm depressed because it's cold and dark. I'm depressed because nobody loves me and depressed when people say they care because I think they are lying. ed

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ya know...I had one of those
    plants in the picture...A friend
    of mine gave it to me about 20 yrs
    ago...Josh loved to look at it and
    he would sit on the floor and play
    with the leaves...Then...The dog
    got a hold of it and it lost its

    I'm sorry your depression isn't
    getting much better...Think it's
    time for a meds change...Just
    like me...



  5. naturgesetz Says:

    Yeah, Kim probably is crazy. Hopefully he realizes that if he actually attacks anybody, it's the end for him.

    More important, I hope that the leg heals quickly and that you'll be able to have some good camping.

  6. pendragon Says:

    I also have depression and yes, you can sometimes see a trigger but often not. The meds I find give me a base level to work off rather than cliff drops. I find the best thing to do it the next thing, like for me getting out of bed this morning when I felt like hiding there, still felt depressed and then tried the next thing