There's Something Missing in My Heart

Well made it back Bristol all safe kinda strange being here in Atlanta and in my old room. I had a blast at the track made some new friends even seen a few of them exposed haha. Anyway I'm gonna be here in town a couple day helping a friend out with a few things then I'll be heading home to Florida for a few days then maybe back here for the race on September 6th. Not sure about that but I'll keep you updated on that. Oh seen Mikey and his new boyfriend they do make a cute couple I can't help to be a little jealous. I wish them all the best and told them that they both are doing great and I am very proud of Mikey. Oh Corey broke his arm right before school started of course them damn dirt bikes haha.Some info on mr and Kadin we are still talking but both decided a break was needed. There is still issues there between me and his parents them thinking I'm not good enough for him like his mom said a higher class of white trash is what I am. I think Toby Keith said it best White Trash with Money whatever just wish she would get over it. I tried to tell Kadin it wouldn't matter if I was a king or a women still wouldn't be good enough in her eyes. Also there is the social network things that bother him that was an issue of ours. All I know is I love him and it hurts me being away from him so I hope we will be together soon.Oh my new knee is doing good I know a few of you ask about it. It still feel strange but least I do know what a terminator feels like haha can't help still my favorite show even if they canceled it. I'm gonna try to post once a week if I can but if not stick around I will get something up. I just want to say thanks so much for sticking it out threw my rowdy days trust me I read your emails see your comments and they keep me going just like they did when I started this blog. Feel free to email me anytime and I will get back to ya might not be right away but I will answer back just ask some of the people that leaves me comments. Until later....

Sending Love to Ya'll!
Later from Atlanta!
8 Responses
  1. Angel Says:

    wow that sucks, I hope you and kadin get back together. It sucks whats going on, u know I am here for you if you need me Ryan. Your my best bud ^_^. Whenever you hear from Mikey, let him know Angel said congrats on snagging one lol. I miss him 2.

    Dont be a stranger Ryan. U know u always have an ear.

    Luv n Peace,
    your lil angel

  2. Angel Says:

    Oh I forgot to say that it does suck that the terminator show was canceled! I luved that show...sigh

  3. naturgesetz Says:

    I hope Kadin will be able to do what he wants without undue influence from his parents.

    Does all of this mean you're not going to Canada?

  4. ryan field Says:

    Hey...nice post, Ryan. Love the photos :)

  5. Mr. Urs Says:

    It's good you're coming back into blogging mood. I hope 'things' will also get back on track better sooner than later.

  6. Eirik Says:

    Why is it that family can make a relationship so hard? Aren't they hard enough as it is? Nice post - thanks for sharing.

    By the way, what do you ride? What class?

  7. elise Says:

    I sure hope you and Kadin can work out your issues, without parental interference. Relationships are tough enough, with just the 2 people involved!

    So happy to hear that Mikey has a boyfriend--he'd better treat Mikey right--that's all I'm gonna say!

    Stay strong, Ryan---you WILL find your path again. Don't forget how many of us love and suppport you!!

  8. ryan field Says:

    Have a good weekend...