A little Something

Sorry I haven't been on here or posted anything been really busy with working 2 jobs and spending the rest of the time with Kadin. Also my best friend been dealing with a lot of drama so I am trying to be there for him when I can. Oh I was going to speak on that white kid on the bus thing and I still might sometime but more I think about the madder I get and I'm sure if I speak on it and speak my mind I might make some of you mad and you will hate me. Maybe for now I need to think about it some more and answer it when I think it out. Somebody sent me an email and I'm sorry slipping my mind now who it was that ask how Mikey and my Parents were with all the rain in the Atlanta area they are fine I talked with them daily well my Parents and they talk with Mikey so all is well up there thanks for asking about them. I have so much more I want to talk about just need more time I will try this weekend to get something in ok.

Have a Happy Nude Weekend!
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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    No chance this weekend. But right now it's warm, and nobody else is here to get freaked out. So I'm comfortable in my own skin for a few hours.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Glad everybody is doing good in
    I'm proud of you...


  3. ryan field Says:

    I'm glad your family is okay. I saw all the floods on the news last night and it looked awful.

    "...I might make some of you mad and you will hate me."

    Not a chance....:)

  4. I am glad they are all okay in Atlanta, I have alot of friends in ATL and it is darn scary!

  5. Angel Says:

    im glad mikey and his family are fine in atlanta. I was praying nothing bad happened to them. It sucks that things like this happens.

    Hope your doing well ryan. Dont work yourself out. Don't entirely know why you would need two jobs but hopefully we can talk soon. I love ya man and I hope everything is well.

    Love, peace, and many blessings,

    oh and like what mr field said, I could never hate you. your too much of an important person in my life that you just don't know. ^_^