Crazy Weekend

What a crazy weekend never thought I would be running up to Atlanta spending the night and coming right back home. We went up to get my brother after talking with my parents we decided it might be best he come on down a week early. It was cold up there I don't miss that at all was so happy to get back home where it was 80 degrees yesterday. I know I am rubbing it in your face all you with cold and snow weather. Sorry but hey I deal with hurricanes. Mom had so many things planned I didn't think we would get it all done in one night but you know how Moms are. I think we got maybe 4 hours of sleep before someone woke us up ready to go. We got back and the sun was out and it was warm we decided to lay out for a while and sip on some bloody marys we all fell a sleep laying in the sun thank God it wasn't hot enough to burn. Kadin don't have to go in until 11 so he will be here with Ty for a while not sure what time he will be up not even sure what time he went to bed. This should be a good week though it was nice peeking in his room seeing him sleeping I use to do that when I lived at home.

So everyone got there shopping done? So funny how this turn into such a money holiday isn't it? Last week we watched a couple old movies and how Christmas use to be. I know we all heard stories from our elders and how the holiday was back then wouldn't it be great to go back and celebrate Christmas like that. Don't get me wrong the lights and everything are beautiful but I think it would be great to go and cut down a tree and makes things to hang on it heck maybe next year I'll do that have an old fashion Christmas. Thanks everyone that has sent me cards so far I hope everyone got the one's I sent out. I know it's only cards but I cherish everyone I got just taking your time to send them to me is great. I got to get ready for work I'll check out the blogs later when I get caught up at work.


This is one of my favorite lady singers and this is one of my favorite Christmas songs.
3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Glad Ty is there with y'all...

    I've only got 4 days and 2 hours
    to get through and I'll be off
    till 2010! WOOHOO!!! I'm ready...
    I've got all the cards finished...
    Alls I have to do is go to the
    post office get stamps and mail
    them off...

    Take it easy and enjoy!!!



  2. Sometimes 'quick' unplanned trips can be really fun! (at least to me)
    Enjoy your brother :) BIG HUG!

  3. Jen Says:

    I still make things to put on my tree.